Being a business owner often involves a lot of big decisions. This is often the case when there are plans for expansion or there are cash flow issues that need to be addressed alongside actually keeping the business running while all this is going on. The good news is there are alternatives to common forms of lending then may be better suited to your needs.

Do you know how much value you have in your business assets? Refinancing is where you can free up cash from the business assets you already own. What many business owners aren’t aware of is the possibility of using assets that are subject to outstanding finance agreements. You can refinance your business in this way at any time at it can give you great flexibility.

Finance Leasing
Often buying new equipment for your business can be prohibitively expensive. Fortunately it is possible to buy the equipment you need without it leading to problems with cash flow. You can even buy without putting in a deposit and funds start from as little as £1,000. You can also fund any software you need.

Sale and lease back agreements
If you have already bought equipment and as a result lack the funds to spend further on your business then sale and leaseback is a way to release the money you have already spent by selling equipment to a funder who will then lease it back to you for an agreed period of time.

If Asset Finance is right for your business give us a call today to find out more about your options.