If you run a veterinary practice today, you will need all kinds of equipment to ensure that things run smoothly and efficiently in addition to ensuring the best standards of care.

Of course all the equipment you need these days doesn’t come cheap, which is why finding ways to finance your assets can be helpful if not essential. The great thing about asset finance for vets is, you can use it not only for large expensive items of machinery such as x-ray processors but also smaller items such as thermometers and other equipment you might use every day.

Breaking it down in simple terms, there are two main asset finance options for vets. These are leasing and hire purchase.

If you want to keep costs down, leasing can often be the better option and even more so if your needs are short term. Your monthly costs will be less because you aren’t buying your equipment and at the end of the agreement you can simply return it or renew the lease. Your approval rate on leasing will also be higher than for higher purchase.

With higher purchase on the other hand you will eventually own an asset permanently although you will need a higher deposit and the monthly payments are likely to be more. Again approval rates are high for asset finance lending on equipment bought on higher purchase as long as your credit rating is good.