Owning a startup can become a rollercoaster ride of success and adversity you must overcome to be one of the small percentage of new businesses that make it to their 5th year of trading.

One of the biggest challenges for a startup is having enough cash to continue operating as a business. Often there will be issues with dwindling cash reserves, poor cashflow or both.

Having one or both of these problems together can cut off the life support of any business, so it is crucial to try and establish a solid financial base from the outset so that you can survive any storms that come your way.

Unfortunately it isn’t always that simple. Startups often have the cost of new machinery, equipment or even software eating into business profits. Asset finance solves this problem by turning those assets into cash so that the business can continue trading and costs can be spread over a longer period of time. This provides vital breathing space or more time to become established.

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