Unstable government, rising inflation and skills shortages are just some of the challenges facing SMEs this summer and beyond as the economic climate begins to look more than a little unstable of late.

Even so most SME owners seem to be decidedly buoyant about their prospects with and optimistic 54% thinking there will be no impact on their business from Brexit. One in five of those who expect and impact meanwhile have a plan in place to combat any future effects. At least these were the findings in a survey recently conducted by AIB of 1,327 SMEs.

This optimism clearly goes with the territory for ambitious business owners who are on the whole positive thinkers. The hope is that things will turn out ok for everyone and we can all carry on as before but it doesn’t hurt to plan for any eventualities as you would do for any business.

Asset finance is an ideal way to raise funds for your business and even better when things are going well. Business owners often turn to asset finance as a last resort when they are rejected by banks or other lenders when the opposite should be the case.