Farmers are being encouraged to invest in new agricultural equipment and tools to help them to lower their ammonia emissions.

Particulate matter is a type of airborne pollution made from a mixture of small solid particles and liquid droplets including organic chemicals, dust, and acids.

Particulate matter can be inhaled and has been linked to several health problems as well as damage to wildlife habitats and wild plant species.

Agriculture creates a large amount of ammonia emissions, which play a key part in the formation of particulate matter. Levels of ammonia and particulate matter in the atmosphere are monitored closely by DEFRA.

What causes ammonia emissions?

According to Farmer’s Guardian, around 87% of the UK’s ammonia emissions come from farming activity.

Just some of the agricultural causes of ammonia emissions include:

  • Manure application.
  • Livestock housing.
  • Sewage sludge application.
  • Manure storage.
  • Fertiliser application.
  • Livestock grazing outdoors.

Tackling ammonia emissions

Ammonia emissions from agriculture have been in the spotlight recently after the government launched aClean AirStrategyearlier this year to cut air pollution. 

Farmers are being urged to invest in agricultural equipment and machinery that will help them to reduce their ammonia emissions.

To reduce emissions farmers need to find ways to retain the valuable nitrogen found within manure and slurry and then apply it using low-emission techniques.

Just a few types of agricultural equipment that can be used to lower ammonia emissions include:

  • Covers for slurry tanks and solid manure.
  • Specially designed livestock housing that reduces the amount of slurry exposed to air.
  • Low emission spreaders.

Funding agricultural equipment to lower ammonia emissions

You may be able to receive help and funding towards the costs of agricultural equipment to lower ammonia emissions through government schemes like the Clean AirStrategy, Countryside Stewardship Scheme, and Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme.

If you don’t qualify for funding or require further financial help, then Richmond Asset Finance provide a range of farming finance products to help you acquire the agricultural equipment you require. 

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