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How farm finance products can help farms become more sustainable

The farming industry is under increasing pressure to operate more sustainably. Here’s how farm finance products can help farmers to achieve this goal.

Sustainability, climate change, and animal welfare are all hot topics. As vegan and vegetarian diets grow in popularity, more people are becoming interested in the environmental impact of agriculture, particularly the farming of cattle for beef. 

What is sustainability?

To be sustainable is to look after the environment and renew resources at a rate equal to or in excess of the rate at which you use them. In order to become more sustainable, farmers must adopt environmentally friendly practices and find ways to improve the efficiency of their processes.

Which areas of farming can this be applied to?

When looking at the way you run your farm there are likely to be many areas where you could make improvements to become more efficient and sustainable.

Just a few areas you may identify include:

  • Feeding livestock.
  • Breeding livestock.
  • Manure management.
  • Looking after soil.
  • Tools, tech, and machinery.

Tools and equipment for agricultural sustainability

As well as changing and improving existing processes, farm machinery and equipment play an important role in a farm’s sustainability.

If you are using old or outdated machinery, upgrading could lower your farm’s environmental impact. Modern machinery is often built to be more intelligent and efficient with sustainability in mind.

Just a few sustainability problems that modern machinery can solve include:

  • Machinery that produces fewer emissions.
  • Machinery that consumes less power and uses fewer resources.
  • Machinery that can apply chemicals with greater precision.
  • Micro-sprinklers and drip irrigation technologies to save water.
  • Smart technology like crop sensors and drones to improve efficiency of processes.

Farm finance products to fund sustainability

Adopting modern farm machinery isn’t just about being kinder to the environment, it also makes good business sense. Working smarter and more efficiently will also help to save you time and money, making modern farm machinery and technology an excellent investment for the future.

If you need help financing new farm equipment, then there are a variety of farm finance products on the market to choose from. The farm finance product suitable for you will depend on your current situation. 

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What is the Annual Investment Allowance?

Our clients often ask us what Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) is and why it’s important when we first have a discussion about asset finance. Here’s a brief guide to what it is and how it can help.

AIA is actually a type of tax allowance to encourage businesses of all sizes to invest in new or used plant and machinery to help them grow. The 100% allowance applies to expenditure up to £200,000 during the year of purchase.

This acts as a great incentive for business owners who may be considering investing in say new machinery to improve productivity. However, there are exceptions that are not included in the allowance including land buildings and cars.

If you are keen to grow your business we can advise you on all sorts of ways to use asset finance to achieve your growth ambitions. We can also advise on the likely tax implications and perhaps reveal some allowances you may not have been previously aware of.

Every business situation is unique and the process depends on whether you intend to buy or lease and the amount of finance you need. Asset finance can be used to acquire a new fleet of vehicles or upgrade your IT systems. Whatever your requirements, our advisors will be happy to talk to you.