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Farmers – Are You Exploiting This Tax Allowance?

It may not be all good news for farmers this year but there is one particular piece of news that every farmer should be aware of and that relates to an opportunity to take advantage of machine purchases with the help of the government.

Farm machinery is often a major purchase with tractors alone costing in excess of £100,000 so if these savings can be offset it has to be good news. Fortunately, the government stepped in to help farmers with a change to the Annual Investment Allowance that will go a long way towards helping farm businesses make some big investments in farm machinery.

The fact that the move isn’t permanent should alert farmers to take advantage before 2021. The AIA threshold was £200,000 in 2018 and this has temporarily risen to £1million for the next 2 years.

With a lot of uncertainty at present and for the future of some farms in the UK this allowance could make a difference. Specialist finance could help ease costs further for farm businesses and enable more investment to improve efficiency and explore new opportunities for farm business development in the future.

If you would like to find out more about farm finance contact one of our advisors today who will be able to help.

Farmers Weekly Awards

Join the growing gallery of stars and nominate someone, or enter yourself for the 2014 Farmers Weekly Awards! The awards recognise and reward farmers for innovation, commitment to the industry and hard work.

Are you one of our finest farmers? Or do you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their innovations and achievements. The 2014  Farmers Weekly Awards marks a decade in which British Farming was finally recognised as an industry to be reckoned with for the future, as well as a crucial part of the nation’s history.  Nominate someone today or enter yourself and become an integral part of British heritage and get the recognition you deserve for your hard work. You can have a look at the gallery of men and women who been honoured as finalists, and winners over the past 10 years.

There are 15 award categories available to entre, plus a Farming Champion Award, from these categories an overall Farmer of the Year is also selected. These are selected by the NFU and Farmers Weekly.

There are two new categories, these are Farm Employer of the Year and Sustainable Farmer of the Year. Both of which are very relevant in today’s economy with jobs few and far between and the environmental issues the globe faces today.

Farm Employer of the Year reflects the professional approach that farming businesses now employ to secure skilled employees, efficient production and strong customer/buyer relationships. There’s no doubt this is at the heart of attracting the brightest and best in the industry. A well trained and ambitious team are at the heart of every success story – farming businesses are no exception.

Sustainable Farmer of the Year showcases what so many farming businesses are now doing to protect precious natural resources, nurture wildlife and minimise the impact of farming production methods of the countryside. This is becoming increasingly important today and will only continue to grow in importance in the future. The Farmers Weekly Awards are looking for people who are embracing fully integrated methods of production and green energy in order to deliver a business that is fully sustainable.

Reasons To Enter

  • Recognition for you, your family and team
  • Opens doors to new industry contacts, clients and suppliers
  • Valuable PR and marketing for your business
  • Greater business confidence and negotiating power
  • The chance to experience the best night out in farming!

Lord Robert Newborough, 2013 Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year and Diversification Farmer of the Year

“Winning the 2013 Farmers Weekly has been very positive for the business. It has opened doors which would not have been so easy to do before and strengthened our brand nationally.

We had record Christmas sales here and overseas with new markets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and shortly Muskat.

We have co-branded products with Plum baby foods – all new packaging includes the Rhug brand. We have also worked with Isuzu, Subaru and Plum Baby on joint competitions, which has generated thousands of responses.

The Rhug Estate restaurant also received Michelin recognition in its 2014 guide. The PR coverage of `Colditz’ the story of the turkey that escaped the `royal platter’ has also helped boost our brand recognition.”