#YorkshireHour is open for business once again this evening 8pm-9pm.

A virtual place – but a real time – to promote your Yorkshire Business. Will you be participating this evening? We certainly will be!

When it gets to 8pm tonight start tweeting about your Yorkshire business and add the hashtag #YorkshireHour – it’s that simple!!

For example:

  • “We’re an independent finance brokers based in Leeds, West Yorkshire #Yorkshirehour”

You can also search for #YorkshireHour on Twitter to see what other Yorkshire folk are promoting. This way you can then follow, say Hi and build connections that might be relevant to you business, or if the tweets are just interesting to yourself. It’s a great tool to use to market your Yorkshire Business are also find other business’ that you could benefit from.

After, don’t forget to check your account for new followers and say thanks – see if you want to follow them back and start up new connections with them as well. You’ll be  amazed and surprised how many new followers you’ll get and business contacts you can make in an hour.