With the uncertainties surrounding Brexit Farming in the UK faces an equally uncertain future depending on any deal eventually reached with the EU. Whichever way the deal goes the farming industry will almost certainly lose out on EU subsidies and this will make funding an even more important consideration in the future. So how can specialist agricultural finance help?

Agricultural finance plugs the funding gap
Many traditional sources of farm finance disappeared following the financial crisis of 2008 putting farm businesses under increased pressure to find alternatives. Agricultural finance is an attractive alternative aimed specifically at the industry.

Agricultural finance can be secured against real assets
Farming and agricultural businesses will often possess more assets than other business types making them ideal for asset finance. Assets such as land and property gives farmers an opportunity to use these assets to save or invest in their businesses.

Agricultural finance loans offer flexibility
Today farmers often need to diversify to survive. Areas such as renewable energy can provide some potentially lucrative opportunities to generate extra revenue. Agricultural finance enables farmers to invest in these types of projects and minimise risks at the same time.
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