What is a start-up loan? How does a start-up loan differ from a conventional loan if at all? Find out more in this short guide to start-up loans.

What Is A Start-Up Loan?
There are many different types of loans an load products on the market which can be used by start-up founders to fund their business. A start-up loan however is a traditional type of loan from a traditional lender however there are different types of loan available depending on the needs and financial position of the business. Start-up loans are not to be confused with other newer forms of loans such as crowd funding.

What are the various types of start-up loan?
One of the more popular types of loan for a startup is a line of credit. This essentially works in much the same way as a credit card. A set amount of money is available to the business owners to use when they need it. Agreements are often interest free to begin with but can come with a sting in the tail when this period is up and interest becomes chargeable.

Equipment financing is a type of loan that allows a business to purchase the equipment it needs to function with the loan used as collateral. This type of loan is usually available at a lower interest rate than many alternative types of loans. The purchase can then be paid off as the business hopefully gorws and starts generating income. The depreciation of equipment can also be offset against tax which is another benefit of this type of loan.

The great benefit of this loan is that rather than fronting the cost of equipment before your business opens, you are able to pay off the cost as your business grows and makes money.