Asset finance is often seen as something a more mature business might consider when they are looking to grow and expand, however it can be just as useful for a startup needing that extra boost to get things off the ground.

Another reason asset finance can be good for a startup is the relative ease with which it can be sourced compared to raising money from other sources. Raising money from the bank for an unproven startup can be a difficult task yet there is still that need to establish a solid financial platform to enable the business to survive.

Asset finance is available in many forms including leasing hire purchase, refinance and specialist funding. What all these different forms of asset finance have in common is they protect your cashflow.

Lack of cashflow coupled with unmanageable debt is a recipe for disaster in a business and if you have a business that may rely on one or two big clients, then you may be vulnerable if one or both decides to pull the plug.

Asset finance will at least enable you to spread the cost of borrowing over a longer period to protect your cashflow and continue to grow your business.