Finding the funds to get your start-up business off the ground and turning a profit can be challenging, here’s where to start.

Growing a new business can be difficult without a healthy cash flow. Purchasing business premises, investing in stock, hiring people, and marketing your new venture all costs money.

Finding the best finance solutions to meet your start-up’s specific requirements is key to setting up and growing a successful and profitable business.

Here are the five key sources of finance that every start-up business should consider.

Personal sources 

Personal sources of finance should be a given, these can include savings, personal credit cards, collateral from assets, and loans from friends and family members. Investing your own money gives others confidence in your new venture and your commitment to it.

Government grants

Acquiring a government grant can be a lengthy and laborious process, so whilst extremely valuable, a grant is unlikely to help in the short-term if you need money fast. Grants are usually awarded to businesses working towards a specific aim, and the criteria for eligibility can be very niche.  Business ideas in sectors that make a significant contribution to society are more likely to be eligible to a government grant, particularly environmental projects and businesses working in renewable energy, the local community and innovative science.


Banks can offer your start-up business a range of flexible finance solutions to suit your needs. Bank overdrafts can provide short-term finance, whilst a bank loan is designed as a longer-term borrowing solution.

Commercial finance broker

Professional commercial finance brokers like our team here at Richmond Asset Finance are experienced at helping start-ups to find the most suitable finance solutions. Financing options that can be particularly useful for start-ups include asset financeand bridging loans, both of which can help you to gain the assets you require to get your new venture up and running.


Angel investors are wealthy individuals who seek opportunities to invest in start-up companies. It can be very useful to have an angel onboard with your start-up business as they are often willing to contribute experience and contacts to your business in addition to cash. 

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