Equipment Finance

It’s hard enough to keep ahead in the business of manufacturing with machinery equipment constantly being improved to benefit business’. Specialist equipment is vital to the functionality of some professions. Some machinery equipment can be costly to any business. Many companies choose equipment finance as an option to purchase assets. We understand this need and can accommodate this requirement. Equipment finance is a method of extending capital to businesses for the purpose of acquiring equipment.

Asset Finance and Refinance is widely used as the preferred method of financing new and used equipment and for growing their business. If you are considering investing in plant machinery it makes sense to think about how best to finance your investment. At Richmond Asset Finance Ltd, we can help improve your cash flow by keeping your working capital free.

We offer an equipment finance broker service to businesses of all sizes. We can finance new and used equipment depending on your business needs.

Why lease equipment?

Leasing equipment is more affordable than a cash purchase because minimal deposit or up-front payment is required. It removes the risks of ownership associated with owning depreciating assets and facilitates positive cashflow. Leasing an asset means you can fix the cost and make regular payments over a defined period of time. You do not have to account for depreciation of that asset on your balance sheet. You don’t concern yourself with its disposal at the end of the rental period. You won’t find a large up front lump sum which then needs to be recouped over a number of years.

Assets we Finance

  • Agricultural Equipment Finance
  • Printing Press Finance
  • Labeling Machine Finance
  • CNC Machine Finance
  • Plastic Extrusion Machinery
  • Bottling Plant Finance
  • Process Plant & Machinery Finance
Richmond Asset Finance: Equipment Finance